Susan Freeman – Persistence

Persistence: I don’t give up — especially when things get difficult. Although impatient by nature, I am working on taking the longer view. If I commit to something, I get it done. I just finished writing a book that was percolating for eight years! ORIGINAL ARTICLE How does a successful, strong, and powerful woman navigate work, employee…

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Employees and employers will foster cultures of life-long learning

ORIGINAL ARTICLE Employers who create humanistic workplaces will win the war for talentRemote work is here to stayEmployers who invest in quality people-centric development will thriveEmployees and employers will foster cultures of life-long learningArtificial intelligence will change the nature of work and the number of workers needed There have been major disruptions in recent years…

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Connection as Currency

Connection as Currency The greatest disruption to 21st century life has shown up as a global pandemic.  Disrupting every aspect of our personal and professional lives, it has challenged our most essential human need—-for connection.  We have learned to value connection with others differently, and how to create connection through technology when in-person interactions aren’t…

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susan s freeman we are what we practice

We Are What We Practice

We Are What We Practice You may be wondering “when on earth am I supposed to practice anything? —and that is exactly the thinking that I want to challenge. What I’ve observed in coaching leaders on a wide variety of challenges is that when we can practice what it is that they desire, they are…

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Intention, Mindset or Habit?

Intention, Mindset or Habit? As a leader, does this sound familiar? You want to change something that isn’t productive. You have an intention to change it. You find that you can’t make the change happen. Have you tried everything, but can’t move past that stumbling block? This is frustrating at best, and if it continues unabated for…

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How Expanded Is Your Leadership

How Expanded Is Your Leadership?

How Expanded Is Your Leadership? A common leadership problem that I see in many client organizations is choosing leadership that becomes contracted and reactive, leading to poor or no decision-making and lackluster results. Consider my client Jon. He came to our call today concerned about his business. One of his big clients wasn’t moving forward with work…

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yoga of slowness susan s freeman

The Yoga of Slowness

The Yoga of Slowness One of the most powerful things I’ve learned in yoga is the value of slowing down.  I naturally move at a “10” level of pace.  My natural disposition is to be fast-moving, which can be helpful as long as I don’t over-rely on it. In these complex and volatile times, we…

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