About Susan S. Freeman

I developed my approach after a long and challenging personal journey.  One of the ways I managed my stress was through practicing yoga.  During these twenty-five years on the mat, I also became a professional executive coach.  As a life-long learner and student of over three dozen advanced courses in disciplines from coaching to leadership to yoga and wellness.

I began to explore the common ground between my  awakened inner life and what I was able to accomplish in my outer life.  I found that my tools from yoga and executive coaching had more in common than I ever imagined.  I slowly began to incorporate yogic wisdom that had strengthened my personal practice into our coaching work with clients. They began to notice significant shifts in leadership patterns, since their stressors were very similar to my own. Some of them had never even been on a yoga mat.

In the years that followed, these two seemingly divergent paths of my life began to merge.  I saw the opportunity to build an effective bridge between yoga and leadership, one in which our inner awareness could positively impact our influence and ability to collaborate with others.  The Guru Leader Within™ system was born.

“If you’re ready for something different, now’s the time to learn to access your Guru Leader Within.™”