Self-Management through Yogic Wisdom

Most of us are familiar with yoga as a mind, body and spirit practice. 

What you may be less familiar with is that yoga is a profound teaching tool for the art of living and working. I want to share a secret with you—creators, innovators, and initiators, an in fact anyone— can only manifest in the external world that which they can first experience internally.  In other words, if you work first on your “inner game,” the outer game of influencing others will reflect it.  When you try to change the outer situation without awareness of your own internal state, you may experience some of these signs:

yoga for business

Stress instead of calm

Distractibility instead of focus

Overwhelm instead of control

Busy-ness without fulfillment

Subjectivity instead of objectivity

Isolation instead of comradery

“If you’re ready for something different, now’s the time to learn to access your Guru Leader Within.™”

guru leader within author susan s freeman

Susan S. Freeman, MBA, PCC

I’ve developed a unique method that integrates yogic philosophy and Eastern wisdom practices into a simple, yet comprehensive system easily accessible to those of us in the West. You already have everything you need to radically shift how you can thrive, conduct business and contribute to a truly humanistic world and workplace – one in which how we are relating and interacting matters as much as what we are achieving.  My system shows you how to activate this Guru Leader Within.™

You will learn the true road to contentment through yogic wisdom – dismantling disconnection and distress within you.  My process goes beyond mindfulness to the very core of human need—to become a connected, integrated human.  This allows you to become a facilitator of purposeful living.  You will reach your goals – personal and professional – while cultivating stress-free relationships and joy all along the way.